Solar-Specialist (e-learning)

Solar-Specialist (e-learning)


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Especially for those participants who would like to obtain the diploma Solar-Specialist efficiently, we have the option to follow this training as e-learning.

The training lasts 5 weeks. During the training you will have your own online learning environment in which you make your homework and where you can see the preparation necessary for the next study lesson. The teacher can see your homework and you can ask for more assistance if necessary. During the weekly online lessons (duration 2 hours) there will be ,next to the planned lesson, room for questions.

The training starts with the basis, but has a high level and pace. Self-study is necessary (ca. 2 -3 hours a week). After this training you will be able to design good working solar power systems independently and give good advice.

The training Solar-Specialist is online and meant for those participants with good mathematical insights and experience in designing power systems. For participants with no or few experience or less technical feeling we advise our training Solar-Specialist on location.

The e-learning Solar-Specialist contains:

  • Basis concepts: energy, power, electricity
  • Solar power systems: operation, efficiency and yield calculations
  • Business case models for solar power systems
  • Current indicators
  • Solar power system performance factors and Performance Ratio
  • Making calculations based on properties of light, solar cells, solar panels, strings, arrays, cabling and inverters
  • Solar Array and inverter dimensioning
  • Shading and system designs

The e-learning Solar-Specialist:

  • Self-study (5 weeks)
  • Online lessons (5 x 2 hours)
  • Exam in Reeuwijk (app. 3 hours)*

* You will receive an invitation for the exam with all details and start time.

After receiving the diploma successfully you receive the right to use the Solar-Specialist logo (on business cards, website, car, etc.). Besides you will be registered