Solar-Specialist Online

Solar-Specialist Online


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We have the option of following the training online, especially for participants who want to obtain the Solar Specialist diploma in an efficient, targeted manner. 

You will have access to your own online learning environment, in which you can independently master all the basic concepts (module Solar-Allround) of solar energy at your own pace. The design part (module Solar-Design) is treated in 4 online classes. Before each online class you do homework and prepare the material. In this way, our trainer can give specific attention to those subjects that you need.

The training starts with the basics, but has a high pace. After following the course you will be able to independently design or advise a high-yielding solar power system.
The training to become a Solar Specialist in this online form is mainly intended for participants with some mathematical and physical insight or experience in the design of solar power systems. For participants without experience, less affinity with technology or who prefer to follow the training in Dutch, we recommend our training Solar-Specialist on location.

The Solar-Specialist Online contains:

  • Basis concepts: energy, power, electricity
  • Solar power systems: operation, efficiency and yield calculations
  • Business case models for solar power systems
  • Current indicators
  • Solar power system performance factors and Performance Ratio
  • Making calculations based on properties of light, solar cells, solar panels, strings, arrays, cabling and inverters
  • Solar Array and inverter dimensioning
  • Shading and system designs

Solar-Specialist online includes:

  • E-learning Solar-Allround (own pace)
  • Online meetings (4 x 2 hours)
  • Training material Solar-Design
  • Exam in Central Netherlands (Lexmond) (approximately 3 hours) *


* You will receive an invitation for the exam with all details and start time.

After successfully obtaining the Solar-Specialist diploma, you will receive the right to use the Solar-Specialist logo (for example on business cards, website, car). You will also be registered on