SCIOS SCOPE-12 certified

Scope 12 (inspection of solar power systems) was created by a cooperation of installers, inspection companies, insurers and SCIOS (foundation for certification of inspection and maintenance of technical installations). Insurers and clients increasingly demand an inspection carried out by a SCIOS Scope 12 certified company.

By passing the Scope 12 exam, an inspector proves that he has the professional competence that is a prerequisite for the certification of the company. The company must have a quality system according to SCIOS Scope 12. The certification is carried out by a certification body (CI) in which both the company and the inspector are audited. More information about SCIOS certification

Exam preparation
To prepare for the SCOPE 12 exam, we offer the Solar-Inspector Scope 12 training. This training consists of the modules Solar-Electrical I, Solar-Electrical II, Solar-Inspection and Solar-Scope 12. 
The exam itself can be taken at Institute for Technical Professional Examinations, among others. 
As a candidate, you must register for this yourself. 

In addition to taking the Solar-Inspector Scope 12 course, inspection experience and knowledge of NEN 1010 / SCOPE 8 are important to successfully complete the exam.

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