Meet the Switch2Solar Team!

With this great and diverse team, we would like to teach you the knowledge of solar energy that helps you further in your discipline.

EMIEL PONTE <br> <small> Owner </small>



Everything is energy! Food, drinking water, communication, mobility… it is only possible with sufficient and cheap energy. Solar Energy makes us independent. With solar every human being on earth can generate independently and at an acceptable cost energy. The impact of this is not yet fully understood.

In 2009 I changed and followed my heart. I left the insurance world and started full confidence in the solar energy. Quite quickly it was clear to me that education will be our contribution in the "Switch2Solar". With our training courses we would like to make solar energy accessible for everybody. I believe that attention, ambition and focus on quality are the key words to be successful.

The Sun is the limit!

JAN-WILLEM SIPS <br> <small> Trainer and Training developer </small>

Trainer and Training developer

Enthusiastic, focused on people and technology

I have been working in de solar industry, since 2011, as a consultant, monitoring systems and trainer. The sun is an endless source. I enjoy teaching others (and to learn from people) how to use solar energy in our energy transition successfully.

Let’s do this with knowledge and experience!

Stephan van Berkel <br> <small> Trainer </small>

Stephan van Berkel

Professional idiot

Since 2013 active in the solar industry as product manager, engineer, independent installer and nowadays, in addition to training, member of the NEC 82 standards committee and inspector of small and large solar power installations.

My mission is to take the industry to the next level.

Driven not to know, but to understand!

Gerrit Jan Schaeffer <br> <small> Trainer </small>

Gerrit Jan Schaeffer

Curious, passionate, involved

Starting from the research field in the Netherlands (ECN) and Belgium (VITO) to entrepreneurship in the solar power industry (Dutch Solar Energy) and now back to energy innovation in Belgium (Energyville).

To develop knowledge and knowledge transfer are indispensable for the energy transition, in which solar energy will play an important part.

Everybody can learn from each other, quality always wins!



Energy from the sun, how great is this!

I’ve learned a lot since I started making my first home more sustainable in 2012. The developments go so fast that you never stop learning. I like to share my knowledge not only about solar power, but also about the safety of working on (high) rooftops. There is still so much wrong in the industry when it comes to safety. We can contribute to the training of real professionals!

A sustainable world is the only right initiative!

KEVIN TAK <br> <small> TRAINER </small>


Ambitious, solution-oriented, eager to learn

Approximately 6 years ago I started to install solar power panels as a hobby. With a substantial backpack of electrical engineering knowledge, built up at the grid operator, this turned out to be a successful formula. After following a number of courses, I started training at Switch2Solar myself, from which I get a lot of satisfaction and pleasure.

By sharing knowledge, learn yourself!

HANS VAN DONGEN <br> <small> Trainer  </small>


Doer pur sang

What I like about my profession? Every day is completely different. After various management jobs within national and international organizations I started working as trainer account manager in 2005 and started Route5 5 years later. Helping people in organizations that are in transition is what drives me. Developing is fun!

In times of change it’s the art to get people involved!

Menno van den Donker <br> <small> Trainer </small>

Menno van den Donker

The analyst who goes for maximum impact

For me, solar energy is something magical. Free and available forever. Without emissions. With opportunities to restore the natural value. But how can I make an important contribution to this myself? From 2002 I worked at Helianthos Arnhem, Research Center Jülich and Solland Solar Cells to reduce the cost price. Since 2012, I have been involved in the development of innovative PV systems at SEAC and Durin with a focus on double use of space. The biggest challenge: teaching people how to apply solar energy in their environment!

Together we make the world a little more beautiful!

Bram Peperzak <br> <small> Trainer </small>

Bram Peperzak

Driven, optimistic, goal- and quality-oriented

2003, my first solar project, it was love at first sight. It's fantastic that you can turn light into electricity. I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience with solar energy. I am happy to share it in order to further strengthen and accelerate the energy transition.

Together we make the twist to a sustainable future through:

Look different and just do it!

Dennis van der Meij <br> <small> TRAINER </small>

Dennis van der Meij

#choosequality #sharingknowledge

Practically minded trainer with years of experience in engineering and commissioning of PV installations in combination with battery storage systems. With a specialization in PV*SOL engineering software, this makes me an all-round designer.

Sharing knowledge ensures the necessary progress in the energy transition.

Alone you go faster, together you go further!

Egbert Gramsbergen <br> <small> Examiner </small>

Egbert Gramsbergen

A life in the solar energy

Started in 1979 with a production company in solar boilers and never let go of the profession after that. Producer, installer, consultant, trainer…

Making the link between theory and practice from your own practical experience!

Desiree Francken <br> <small> Oranization </small>

Desiree Francken

Planner, doer, spider in the web

After a long career in the cardboard & display industry as an account- and project manager and two wonderful sabbaticals in which nature (and conservation) played a major role, the step to a new career in the sustainable solar energy industry in 2020 is a good choice.

My challenges: keeping an overview, planning, unburdening and above all making customers happy.

Plans are nothing, planning is everything!

MELANIE MAAS <br> <small> Design & Marketing </small>

Design & Marketing

Enthusiastic, driven, creative

From a study to concept developer / communication specialist to the event industry and from there made the switch to solar. My expertise? Making a graphic translation of the teaching material with the aim of making information and knowledge understandable for the student. After all, a picture says more than a 1000 words!

My passion is to keep on developing myself and continuously raising my work to a higher level.

Keep yourself educated and never stop learning!

INGE CREZÉE <br> <small> Sales & Marketing </small>

Sales & Marketing

Creative, solution-oriented, go-getter

Via a luxury shoe brand (ViaVai), chewing gum (Stimorol), candy bars (Mars), sales promotions (big A-brands) 'home' in 2014 in the Solar industry.

The common thread in my career is the contact with my customers.

"Can't" doesn't exist for me!